” planetary destruction: Tai Tan ” : Of game before unripe this age

Spring 2012, so-called ” next generation are instant and politic kind of game ” ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” (Planetary Annihilation) numerous prepare a project to land Kickstarter of foreign famous platform. In a short month numerous plan time in, again and again of enthusiastic RTS player group this numerous the collect fund that plans a project pushs a new height, its efficient ground was reached all numerous prepare a target, to vermicelli made from bean starch, this is feelings insanity flaming the action is final the fund that this game obtained 2.22 million dollar before have not begin construction, in that numerous chip still do not have today so all-pervading a particular year, ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” numerous prepare result h上海龙凤论坛

owever far surmounted at present the major similar terms on market looks — the RPG of classical beauty type that the name after a few years issues all over the sky ” divine extent: Original sin 2 ” , what also acquired 2.03 million dollar only is numerous plan fund. Nowadays, the game in nodding Kickstarter platform kind, choose ” Most Funded ” sort, ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” the platoon is in ” Sha wood 3 ” , ” useless earth 2 ” , ” lasting column ” after waiting for feelings work add to make, but as far as fame the other item photograph that pass is compared, this antecedents that from today angle looks quite average RTS game is little-known however. Similar feelings, different situation “Annihilation” of bring into contact with of my first time is to be more than 10 years ago, I am very malcontent at that time blizzard the business of development of a batch of game that head reduces game battlefield scope, as a commander, game has more large-scale ground, can more military strength are thrown among them this is ” just needed ” , and blizzard leading industry to restrict population evenly, put an end to explode arms, athletics the first — of course this very ” Cool ” . The player that holds same think of a way with me in those day is not little also, in the day later, this batch of players become the opponent with blizzard department the biggest RTS, till now, those old fellow mention blizzard when, was full of in utterance distain thickly. Right now, ever with ” interstellar contend for hegemony ” take the place of first of stand up to sb as an equal ” sw新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

eep anything away 1000 army ” (Total Annihilation) satisfied these people all demand. ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” the name that game content resembles it is same, deepness and comprehensive depict big battlefield, more than 200 kinds of arm of services of subordinate of force of two general trends are right on almost trouble-free map battle (any upland units can arrive at this game directly) , at every turn the ado that about a hundred unit comprises army, arm of services of advanced science and technology faces rudimentary arm of services more if cut course,cut melon general. However this game is in early rolled out by Cavedog Entertainment 1997, in the meantime, this also is the first 3D RTS, the basic form that it established contemporary 3D RTS, the set that appears in almost all and contemporary RTS can be in ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” in find prototype, take 58 large award madly it did not resemble coetaneous ” Caesarean times ” or ” command and conquer: Red alert ” same by compatriots witting, no matter be subject matter set or configuration requirement, dou Yuangao the cognitive level of the domestic player at that time. When it ascends historical game to rank for many times, total somebody asks can strangely, on this a list of names posted up famous ” Total Annihilation ” what be? Be in the China at that time, this game Lian Han is changed debatable, do not say the difference between odd double byte for the moment, light shows those Chinese change a description to need special skill — the ability that press F2 shows acquiescent hidden arm of services introduces text version. Accompany those who let a爱上海

time to elapse, players do not wish already amuse oneself is old old game, and those are concentrated and eventually ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” domestic player also gradually low-key, the small QQ that can comprising by 6 digit QQ only group li of simple communication, a skilled bureau is right battle, after game ends, be in group in war situation of say a few words disappears hurriedly. Tacit commanders do not have RPG lover apparently people be good at voice impressions in that way, won’t also kongfu looks to the game nowadays develops and try new product, did not think more overweight brace up the thought of community, here game is game only, want to be able to play only, play go down, if where weather cannot play, that does not play game. And be in Euramerican, “This word itself becomes Annihilation” to symbolize for a kind, one kind is mixed ” black island atelier ” , ” music of fetch of different region Jing ” (mainland government Jian Zhongyi name) same feelings, move pointing to era ” force of big battlefield, soldier ” instant and politic kind of game. However good times don’t last long, cavedog Entertainment not from great ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” in win too much addition, crossed time 3 years to announce to shut merely. This also allows “Annihilation” series ” burning incense ” continuance issue comes compared with other series more serious, plus 21 centuries hind, RTS compresses battlefield in the round dimensions and simplify the trend of game system, let ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” it is difficult to be added on feel embarrassed giving add. Same target, after different outcome resembles be being disbanded when black island atelier, the employee of black island people like building obsidian studio again, after Cavedog Entertainment closes down, ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” presiding stylist Chris Taylor also joined Gas Powered Games, he is in ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” put on sale rolled out its spirit add to make after 10 years — ” supreme commander ” . Although this series work was not registering the name of “Annihilation” , but almost every place is being taken ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” shadow. About this game, what this game presents fokelore of in the bookshops substantially is ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” the content that did not finish in those days, ” supreme commander ” also also continued on public praise ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” good convention, each big play media made high component in succession. And a forces that leaves from Cavedog Entertainment, participate in made ” supreme commander ” after series start all over again, combined other make ” command and conquer ” of series from personnel of course of study, established Uber Entertainment. What differ with relatively conservative Chris Taylor is, they should be in ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” one is done to be had more on the foundation those who initiate sexual meaning is brand-new RTS — ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” (Planetary Annihilation) . At least, they think so at the beginning, oh not, be so新上海贵族宝贝论坛

say. This ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” will use major game developer the spherical setting of metropolis stay at a respectful distance from sb, the player can be freely between every heavenly body pass through, but besides? This game did not resemble ” home ” series emphasizes descriptive aerospace war, continued ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” ” bureau a commander, building weapon relies on to build completely ” traditional game rhythm, look be like cartoon to change apply colours to a drawing below the foil of means, the model design of the unit still used relatively hale line in great quantities, elementary with high-quality arms of service between the characteristic of vast power and body difference also by saved goodly come down. Right, these content are in numerous in prepared prevue, as to real play in? Nonexistent. ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” (Planetary Annihilation) — what public praise molders is numerous if say,plan game model 2016 ” unmanned deep space ” it is a dud cheque, talk big blows broken typical case, began that 2012 numerous prepare ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” , it is a bilk project that takes爱上海同城手机版

off alive. After this project enters Alpha to check, all sorts of funny Bug stack whole game, can shine in order to want the game of spirit of successive “Annihilation” big battlef上海夜网论坛

ield when the unit is overmuch retreat, the game that a promise can give off Drm-free version too turned need into finally the game of net of whole journey couplet, when the unit crosses a heavenly body to atttack, a friend in be elected just atttacks the friendly square heavenly body that can fall in identical coordinate directly to go up, accomplished truly that is to say ” the guideline hits north ” . Nevertheless, used after all hardly the spherical setting that what person dare use, giving an issue is very normal. After then test of α of this game afterwards, β checks, did γ test again. . . On the point of view that devises from game for, ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” it is not good that acquisition exclusive window crosses what the relevant content that the heavenly body fights extends, at the same time it still will bear the technology is immature related spherical setting those who cause ” complication ” — not be each manufacturer that dares to become spherical game setting can become game burnish after all ” super horsepower Ou Yinhe ” in that way existence. Plus numerous the thing that preparing game itself is feelings of a combustion, early days expectation is too tall ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” the instant drops into cereal bottom. Right now, also had mentioned without the person again this game once brave words. Spring 2015, face a trouble ceaseless ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” , uber Entertainment goes wrong again chess — wore on their choice ” sweep anything away 1000 army: Tai Tan ” (Planetary Annihilation: TITANS) . This ” make newly ” be served as by development business acceptance originally ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” data piece roll out, but when real put on sale, players discover he want however additional the money that draws out a whole game, ability plays to be compared merely to ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” original content is much so of little ” new ” game. In ” sweep anything away 1000 stars ” essence did not cash numerous below the case that prepares acceptance, participate in numerous prepared player wants to experience whole game content returns so that buy again ” sweep anything away 1000 army: Tai Tan ” , game of this kind of a complete edition wants to spend two money ” cover a region ” became last straw that presses a camel, indignant difference is judged evaluate original the area complete incarnadine. 2013, the Gas Powered Games that Chris Taylor is in bought Wargaming.net, it is by 2015 go up stealthily on Steam wore ” sweep anything away 1000 army ” original. After a year, chris Taylor changes independence to the development of game. April 2018, ” sweep anything away 1000 army: Tai Tan ” enter game charity to wrap, this is indicating, this is as long as of 6 years of time numerous prepare farce to end finally. And ” Annihilation ” a variety of stories that reach its backside, also was not mentioned again.

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