Former Tian Shenghong talks ” street of iron fist X bully ” : Suspensive project awaits good opportunity of put on sale

Dagger of 2010 emperor alternate puts a word to want to do between free exhibition period ” street of iron fist X bully ” former Tian Shenghong is hardly in these a few years on second project send what word, we also must curious whether has been this game chopped. And accept in not long ago when interviewing, this producer mentioned ” street of iron fist X bully ” : Although be done not have dead, but this project is in short-term inside did not make fun of.

When our research and development game of a fistfight when, we hope can give attention to two or morethings is all player. But current condition is not hopeful however, former cropland gets the better of great say, ” street Xiang Yu the Conqueror 5 ” just put on sale, a lot of players still comparative to this game have glow. Besides, still have many player expecting ” iron fist 7 ” . We do not hope to cut apart these player groups to come, want to find an appropriate game recently so period of put on sale will roll out ” street of iron fist X bully ” more difficult still. Come round to say with respect to eye, this project can pause a little while first only.

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