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A lot of people hope he grow a centimeter more, also do not want how to long pile the flesh, that adage says no less than well, the flesh grows one foot, not as a inch long as muscle, muscle is little, force is met very small, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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This is inevitable. The force quantitative change that wants oneself just must be strengthened big, be about to undertake athletic training will add muscle, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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A lot of go the person of gym expresses to want to add small arm muscle, what should do to move, how will we understand muscle of exercise small arm?

How to practice small arm muscle

1, great weight, small number: What state with RM quantity of a certain bear can be done continuously in strong and handsome theory is highest repeat a time. For instance, the person that practice is heavy to1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The quantity can be raised 5 times continuously only, criterion this weight is 5RM. Consider to make clear: The bear training of 1-5RM can make muscle is added thick, the bear training that develops force and speed;6-10RM can make muscle bulky, power rate rises, but the fiber of bear training flesh that endurance grows not apparent;10-15RM is added thick not apparent, but grow in quantity of the blood capillary inside the bear training muscle that force, speed, endurance all has progress;30RM, durable power rises, but force, rate rises not apparent. Visible, the bear weight of 5-10RM applies to the strong and handsome training that increases muscle volume.

2, many groups of number: When to want to wanted to take exercise, do on 2 ~ 3 groups, this is wasteful time actually, can grow muscle far from. The time that must take out 60 ~ technically 90 minutes exercises a certain place centrally, every movement does 8 ~ 10 groups, ability is pricked adequatelyForum of Shanghai night net

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Stimulate muscle, the refreshment that at the same time muscle needs time is longer. Accomplish muscle saturation all the time till, “Degree of saturation ” want ego to experience, its moderate level is: Acerbity, bilge, pins and needles, solid, full, outspread, and on muscle appearance apparently brawny wait.

3, much more experienced big muscle group: The big muscle of ministry of buttock of much more experienced bosom, back, waist, leg group, can make the body strong not only, still can promote other position sarcous to grow. Some is factitious an arm practice is thick, only experienced arm and not experienced other position, can make bicipital grows instead very slow. Suggest you arrange the practices of a few large and compound movement that use great weight, those who be like great weight is deep crouch an exercise, they can promote sarcous of all and other position to grow. This are all in all, lamentable is to at least the person of 90% is done not have enough take seriously, as a result cannot achieve the result of expectation. Accordingly, much arrangement wants to be pulled forcedly in training plan, crouch greatly, lie push, choose, pull-up these 5 classical and compound movements. Shanghai noble baby

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How does above practice small arm muscle namely expatiation and introduction, have veryForum of Shanghai noble baby

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A variety of taking exercise sarcous method, but want what the choice suits him to exercise a method, want to increase muscle to must note the movement of great weight, rate is a few slower, have a few groups of practices more, nutrition must complement in time after training, lest physical strength is not raised, rest two days even, such ability are OK.

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